Salary [salaries are posted for professors working at public institutions]:

The below salary information was received through a public records request.

Calendar year salary:
2018 $10,277.75 thru May 2018
2017 $18,661.71
2016 $18,568.53
2015 $18,266.08
2014 $17,667.36
2013 $8,000.00

Salary Information for Tariq Khan

There is only one Assistant History teacher that contains Tariq anywhere in the 2017-2018 salary data reported on the University of Illinois (Salary reports are required to be accurately reported by law) website. Since Tariq Khan is a assistant at the University it only validates that he is a paid employee. Also the union paid for his attorney costs related to this lawsuit.  Below is a link to the salary report that was made publically available by the University.

Tariq Khan, graduate instructor/teacher at University of Illinois, felt a student asking him the question “Don’t you have kids to look after?” was a threat to his kids. He took this opportunity as a means to attempt to provoke these students to get physical with him. He then quickly walked up to three students at the University and was within inches of their faces yelling. The students did not react to his behavior other than to say they did not threaten his kids. At this point Tariq Khan started pushing one of the students. He then immediately came back to Joel Valdez where he continued to yell at him and grabbed his phone. There was a struggle between Joel Valdez and Tariq Khan over the phone. Joel attempted to keep his phone. Khan did get possession of Joel Valdez’s phone. Khan walked around in an aroused state until he decided to throw the phone on the ground He even stated that in his own words.  He was asked by several individuals in the area to return the phone. Tariq Khan stated that the administration felt the graduate instructor/teacher was being irrational to see this as a threat.

Since this time the professor has made additional statements against the student.

“He’s lucky I didn’t flatten his ass out on the ground for talking about my children,” said U of I professor and Ph.D candidate Tariq Khan at a panel for leftist activist professors.

It is amazing with the proof of this video that the professors association is condoning this type of behavior. It is also amazing the Purdue Social Justice Coalition and other organizations are condoning this professor’s behavior to destroy someone else’s personal property.

We put this video together to show how there appears to be a lot of discrepancies with the statements made by Tariq Khan.

Police Reports

University of Illinois Police Reports for Tariq Khan

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The attacks against Tariq Khan continue. Please consider supporting him and reaching out to Urbana-Champaign's…

Posted by Purdue Social Justice Coalition on Saturday, February 10, 2018