Tariq Khan

The above video provides proof that the Joel Valdez, a student at the University of Illinois, did NOT threaten Tariq Khan (if this is his legal name) at all. He just stated he should go home to his kids. That statement according to the video pushed Tariq Khan over the edge to take Joel Valdez’s cellphone from him and breaking the cellphone by throwing it against the ground.

Since this time the professor has made additional statements against the student.

“He’s lucky I didn’t flatten his ass out on the ground for talking about my children,” said U of I professor and Ph.D candidate Tariq Khan at a panel for leftist activist professors.

It is amazing with the proof of this video that the professors association is condoning this type of behavior. It is also amazing the Purdue Social Justice Coalition and other organizations are condoning this professor’s behavior to destroy someone else’s personal property.


The only History teacher that contains Tariq anywhere in the 2017-2018 salary report is:

451 – History
Employee Name    Job Title      Tenure Empl    Class    Present FTE    Proposed FTE    Present Salary       Proposed Sala
Ali, Tariq Omar   ASST PROF            P                  AA             1.00                   1.00                   $70,150.00            $71,247.24




The attacks against Tariq Khan continue. Please consider supporting him and reaching out to Urbana-Champaign's…

Posted by Purdue Social Justice Coalition on Saturday, February 10, 2018


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