“White Racism” Professor Ted Thornhill equated conservative students to Nazis in a recent campus speech. He calls out conservative groups, like Turning Point USA and College Republicans, as “the central characters in the on-campus white racist mob.” During the outrageous speech, Thornhill also called for students who “felt that students of color lie about their oppression” to stand up and raise their hands, being shocked when nobody did. He blames this once again on conservative activist groups like TPUSA and College Republicans for being present in the room. Thornhill furthered his contention, stating that he has more respect for the KKK than for these conservative groups because they, “are at least honest about their white supremacist beliefs. America is a racist country… this is a racist society,” he states. “I attack white men and women, I’m equal opportunity,” as if attacking an entire race constitutes as equal opportunity; to the outsider it may appear as if Thornhill is that actual Nazi in this situation.

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