UNCA Professor Amanda Wray was charged with a class 3 misdemeanor for stealing “Vote Republican!” political signs. The associate English professor, who was busted removing the signs with an unidentified female assistant by local Political Action Committee treasurer Mike Summey, turned herself in the following Sunday, Oct. 7, 2018.

In the weeks leading up to the climax, Summey began to notice his signs vanishing over night, or simply vandalized in place. “If you’ve got a difference of opinion, you don’t go out stealing or damaging the property of people with other opinions,” Summey said. “And if you’re an intelligent person, like an associate professor, you should know better.”

Under the diversion program in the criminal justice system, Wray will be required to “complete at least 8 hours of community service at the direction of the Justice Resource Center, attend and complete a Cognitive Behavioral Intervention class, report in as directed by the JRC for a period of 6 months, and to remain free of any new charges for the same time period,” as reported by Chief Asst. District Attorney Rodney G. Hasty.

“What is a 38 year old woman with a PhD, that’s a college professor, doing out at 10 p.m. stealing political signs?” Summey asked. “What does that say to our young people? What does that say to the community about some of the people that work down at our local university.”

Once Summey confronted the women that night, they immediately ran towards a vehicle and drove away, but not before Summey managed to snap a picture of the vehicle’s license plate, ultimately leading to Wray’s accusation.

One of the several signs left vandalized by professor Amanda Wray and colleagues.

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