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Eric Canin

California State University - Fullerton

Eric Canin is a Cultural Anthropology Lecturer in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences at California State University-Fullerton.

Violence and Riots

Canin has previously assaulted a student on campus.

In 2017, the Fullerton chapter of Students for Justice in Palestine hosted a protest of President Donald Trump’s immigration stances. Simultaneously, the Fullerton College Republicans (CR) hosted a parallel counter-protest mocking the demonstrators. With the two groups marching through the center of campus, Canin confronts the CR and insults the members, calling their views “disrespectful,” and accused them of being uneducated,

While arguing with the counter-protesters, Canin tripped over a bike rack; the college republicans began to laugh at him. An enraged Canin lunged at the laughing students and ripped a protest sign out of the hands of College Republican, Bryce Ignalls. Canin allegedly struck Ingalls in the face and caused him to fall to the ground. Breitbart also reported that the Fullerton College Republicans President, Christopher Boyle, had to physically restrain Canin until the police arrived.

In a statement regarding the assault, the University Chief Communications Officer, Jefferey Cook, condemned Canin on Twitter stating, “#CSUF prizes and promotes free and open expression. Any violent incident, however, cannot be tolerated and is unacceptable.” After an internal investigation led by the University of Fullerton determining that Bryce was physically struck, Canin was terminated.

Canin appealed the decision, and Jan Stiglitz was assigned as a legal arbitrator to the dispute. In Canin’s defense, the CA Faculty Association alleged that Canin was in fact the “victim” of harassment by the College Republicans.

Stiglitz determined that Canin did not represent the University of Fullerton by announcing himself to be a professor before assaulting Ingalls. Stiglitz recommended that the University of Fullerton reinstate Canin with a 2-month suspension. Upon accepting her recommendation, Canin returned to the University where he still teaches today.

You may contact California State State University-Fullerton at (657278-2011.


Updated, Spring 2021 


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