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Kate Slater

Brandeis University

Dr. Kate Slater is the Assistant Dean of Student Affairs at Brandeis University. On her personal website, Dr. Slater describes herself as a “white anti-racist scholar and educator.” In this capacity, Dr. Slater writes that she studies how “white racial identity formation and how racism operates individually, organizationally, and systemically.”

In a now-highly-publicized post on her private Instagram page—obtained by The College Fix—Dr. Slater launched into a racially inflammatory attack on white people and defended the teaching of Critical Race Theory. Writing that, “all white people are racist,” she claims that American society conditions white people—including herself—to be racist, which justifies the need for critical theory in education.



Critical Theory, or Critical Race Theory, is an intellectual branch of Marxism that alleges American society and all of its founding institutions are infected with and perpetuate white supremacy. Furthermore, proponents of Critical Race Theory believe that people should take proactive steps to dismantle these institutions in the name of equity, which is also referred to as being “anti-racist.”

Dr. Slater’s website also offers anti-racism training and courses on Critical Race Theory for universities and K-12 institutions. On the promotional page for one such lecture titled 4 Steps to Begin an Antiracist Education—sponsored and promoted by the University of New Hampshire—skin color is described as the determining factor for how successful one’s life will be.

In the lecture itself, Dr. Slater states that an antiracist worldview begins with the understanding that a white person is never NOT racist in American society. She further divides individuals into two categories: Those with a racist worldview, and those who take antiracist actions.



Dr. Slater urges her white students to personally engage in antiracism throughout the lecture. She even encourages a teacher who was present at the lecture to discuss her stances on antiracism with her own students. At one point, Dr. Slater states that all white people are the “oppressors” and therefore cannot have opinions about racism.



In addition to teaching, Dr. Slater frequently contributes articles to NBC on topics such as antiracism, defunding the police, and what she claims is systemic racism in the country.

Note: A previous quote of Slater has since been updated to better reflect her remarks.

Parents and Students may contact Brandeis University at (781) 736-2000 or the University of New Hampshire at (603) 862-1234. 

Updated – June 2021 

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